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Our efforts are non-partisan: Our goal is to educate, not promote the election or defeat of candidates for any elected office.

Our program is voluntary for everyone including our current therapy animal volunteers: Our program is an “opt-in” format, which means that you will only receive special advocacy communications if you join the program.

Our program is for everyone: While not everyone interested in the positive impact animals have on human health and well-being is a therapy animal team, anyone can be passionate about the human-animal bond! When you register as an advocate, you lend your voice to important issues that you care about.

Our advocates are prepared for success: With free resources you can use to organize locally, and education on important topics like how to effectively communicate with elected officials, our message is amplified and we can make the greatest impact.

To our international friends, supporters, and volunteers: Currently, this program is focusing on U.S. public policy. While we are unable to accommodate your sign up as an advocate at this time, we do encourage you to share the message about the importance of therapy animal standards in your country.

Making a Difference

These are a few of the areas in which we’ve been successful in advocating for therapy animals and the human-animal bond.

Pet and Women Safety Act of 2017

Pet Partners advocates helped to pass the PAWS Act, which established a grant program for entities that provide shelter and housing assistance for domestic violence survivors to enable these entities to better meet the housing needs of survivors with pets.

The law also takes the important step of including pets, service and emotional support animals, and horses in federal law pertaining to interstate stalking, protection order violations, and restitution. These provisions provide law enforcement with additional tools for protecting victims from their abusers.

Today, we continue to be members of the PAWS Act Coalition, a group of nonprofit and for-profit organizations committed to better protecting survivors of domestic violence by establishing, validating, and promoting the criticality of protecting their pets.

Therapy Animal Guidelines for the State of New York

In 2018, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation directing the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Markets to convene a working group to examine the need for statewide standards for therapy dogs. Pet Partners was proud to be invited to participate and make recommendations for therapy animal standards in the state of New York. The resulting guidance articulates criteria for animals, handlers, and therapy animal organizations that aligns with Pet Partners’ commitment to animal welfare and client safety.

State Legislation for Therapy Dogs in Courtrooms

In 2021, Pet Partners was involved in the passage of two pieces of legislation that provide therapy dogs for witnesses in court proceedings. Both laws highlight the standards of practice in AAI which ensure animal welfare as well as client safety.

Building Awareness about Therapy Animals

National Therapy Animal Day occurs every April 30 and, in addition to more than 90 local proclamations in 32 states, we were pleased to see state-level resolutions in Connecticut, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, and Washington, as well as a Special Order Speech in Congress made by Representative Trent Kelly (R-MS).

Join us in promoting the power of the human-animal bond as well as protecting and expanding access to therapy animals. Sign up to be an advocate today!