Pet Partners Interactions magazine Summer 2022

Supporting Professionals in AAI

Summer 2022

There is a long history of professionals incorporating animals into their practice in support of human health and well-being, in addition to the work done by volunteer therapy animal teams. While the infrastructure for screening and credentialing of volunteer teams is well-established, there’s been very little available to support professionals doing this work. We take a look at the challenges faced by professionals interested in doing AAI, and the steps we have taken to provide greater support for them.
Plus: 2021 Magic Award winner, therapy animal welfare, signature events, and more.

Interactions Magazine Fall 2021 Cover

Community Support: Pet Partners Groups at the Local Level

Fall 2021

Pet Partners has 10,000 volunteers in communities all over the United States, and in several other countries. Most of these volunteers give their time and effort on an individual basis, but Pet Partners does have an opportunity for our volunteers to come together in local groups. These groups provide additional options for volunteers who would like to work with other Pet Partners volunteers, and help increase the impact of individual volunteers. We highlight this work and why local groups matter so much to their communities.
Plus: Current research projects in support of AAI, Volunteer Spotlight, exciting announcements, and more.

Innovation and the Future of Therapy Animal Visiting

Spring 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected therapy animal visitation. As 2021 approached, we recognized that risks and restrictions won’t necessarily be going away completely, and therapy animal visitation will need to adapt to the new reality in sustainable ways. We also recognized that the need for therapy animal visits is only going to increase, which means increasing the number of registered therapy animal teams. Meeting these goals requires innovative thinking and new approaches.
Plus: Combatting social isolation and loneliness through the human-animal bond, 2020 Magic Award recipient, successful advocacy, and more.

Pet Partners Interactions Magazine--Fall 2020

Animal-Related Engagement

Fall 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic brought major challenges to Pet Partners and our mission; we had to find new ways to provide the benefits of pets to people. In this issue we outline our response to the effects of the pandemic, introduce animal-related engagement, and share ways that therapy animal teams have continued to provide the power of the human-animal bond to their communities.
Plus: The protective power of therapy animals in times of crisis, bringing AACR to healthcare workers, We Are All Ears, and more.

The Value of Broad Expertise in Our Field

Spring 2020

Pet Partners volunteers bring a wide range of experience and expertise to their work in support of the human-animal bond. We profile handler and team evaluator Jane Kopelman, who also works in the realms of animal rescue and educational design as part of her efforts in AAI, along with Dr. Scott Weese, veterinary advisor to our Therapy Animal Program.
Plus: Research on AAI and children with autism, the 2019 Magic Award recipient, Meet the Pets at the U.S. Capitol, and more.

Animal-Assisted Crisis Response

Fall 2019

One of the things that has kept our Therapy Animal Program vital is our ability to respond to developments in the field of AAI and bring therapy animals to new applications. In recent years there’s been increasing call for therapy animals to respond following crisis situations. Pet Partners determined that it was time for us to create an animal-assisted crisis response program.
Plus: The 2019 Pet Partners conference and professional summit, 2nd Annual World’s Largest Pet Walk, Veterans Administration agreement, and more.

Interactions Spring 2019

More Than Dogs

Spring 2019

When someone says, “therapy animal,” most people will immediately think of dogs. But dogs aren’t the only species that can provide the life-changing effects that come with the human-animal bond. Pet Partners has long recognized this, and we’re proud to register nine types of animals as part of our Therapy Animal Program.
Plus: Expanding AAI research beyond dogs, 2018 Magic Award recipient, National Therapy Animal Day, and more.

Interactions Fall 2018

Pet Partners Goes Global

Fall 2018

In late 2016, Pet Partners received a grant to explore the possibility of expanding internationally. Through our international pilot program, the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program is exploring opportunities in various countries across the globe.
Plus: Emerging research on therapy dogs, Better Cities for Pets, the inaugural World’s Largest Pet Walk, and more.