Animal-Related Engagement

Animal-Related Engagement

While nothing can replace the impact of visiting with a therapy animal in person, Pet Partners is built on the knowledge that the power of the human-animal bond far exceeds any single circumstance or situation. When therapy animal programming simply isn’t available, there are still creative ways in which animals can positively influence our wellness. These opportunities can be defined as Animal-Related Engagement (ARE), a term created by Dr. Taylor Chastain Griffin with Pet Partners.

Animal-Related Engagement is any engagement opportunity that allows participants the benefits of the human-animal bond by encouraging the remembrance of feelings that are commonly associated with interaction with an animal.

This new initiative is supported by foundational research on the topic, as well as by some of the top leaders in the AAI field. ARE is widely applicable, both in settings in which it is called for and in populations in which it might be well-received.

To read more about this initiative, download our white paper. In this document, you’ll find empirical support for ARE, notes from AAI professionals, and practical ideas for how you can bring this intervention to life.

Download the White Paper

Pet Partners is working diligently to model the positive impact that ARE can have on the world. Access our ARE-related resources:

We look forward to coming together as handlers, AAI professionals, facility leaders, and animal lovers in general to bring the power of pets to a larger audience than ever before. As you join us on this journey, be sure to share your ARE stories on social media with #AnimalRelatedEngagement.