Meg and I had the most wonderful and rewarding day. We volunteered today at a local women’s and children’s facility. We helped educate children on what animal abuse and neglect are and why it’s so important to take care of pets.

While explaining Meg’s story as we know it and why she has three legs and physical scars, one of the two children asked me what neglect and abuse meant. I explained that neglect is not properly caring for something or someone and that it is a form of abuse. I went on to further explain that abuse is when someone hurts someone else and that there are many forms of abuse. One child looked at the other and told her that it’s just like child abuse. Those girls most likely witnessed abuse or were victims of abuse just like Meg.

All of the children were fascinated that a dog could have three legs instead of four. One friend had to see Meg walk because she was in such disbelief. They were all so excited to have their turn to come into the room to see Meg. The kids really enjoyed reading to her. One little girl read a story to Meg about a dog taking a bath. It was so cute. Meg even got to show off her ability to follow sign language commands now referred to as Meg’s “tricks” by one of our new friends. When leaving a sweet little girl wanted to walk up Meg’s car loader stairs to be just like Meg.

No matter how many times I watch Meg bond with others, I find the human-animal bond so special and inspiring. Meg is truly in her element as a therapy dog and I’m so blessed to volunteer beside her. It was so rewarding speaking about Meg’s past, her rescue story, and her happy and healthy future while giving back to the community. Sometimes people and animals are victims of very unfortunate circumstances, yet hope does exist. May we always provide hope to those feeling hopeless and may we always inspire those in need of inspiration. A little love sure does go a long way.

Story submitted by Amy Worley Molley