Why does volunteerism cost money?

As a registered therapy animal team with Pet Partners, you receive a variety of benefits including liability insurance, volunteer support, access to resources, and free continuing education coursework. Your registration fee paid to Pet Partners covers only a portion of the costs to register and support a team for two years. Pet Partners relies on charitable donations and sponsorships to continue to make this program possible. The fees necessary for becoming a Pet Partners team are outlined below.

Costs for a first-time registration include the following:

  • Handler Course ($70 for online; workshop fee varies)
  • Team Evaluation (usually around $15-30; see below)
  • Registration Fee (New teams $95; Renewing teams $70; discounts available, see table below)

Handler Course:

All prospective new handlers must take the Handler Course. The cost of the course online is $70. In-person workshops, taught by a local instructor, vary in cost depending on the expenses the instructor is taking on to provide the course and materials. Renewing handlers do not need to repeat their coursework unless they are renewing after a lapse of two or more years.

Team Evaluation:

Team evaluations are required for both new and renewing teams. Team evaluators may charge a fee for their evaluations based on the expenses incurred to hold an evaluation event. Fees average between $15-30, however specific event information for evaluations is available when you schedule your evaluation or browse the events calendar.

Registration Fee:

Registration fees are paid at the very end of your online registration process, after all your required registration information is received, reviewed, and approved by our staff. A standard new team registration fee is $95. Renewals must be completed for each team every 2 years, and a standard team renewal fee is $70. Discounted rates are available for seniors, members of the military, minors, and members of local Pet Partners Community Partner groups as outlined below. If you are eligible for a discounted rate it will apply to both your initial registration fee and any subsequent renewal fees.

Discounted Registration Fees:

Registration Type Two-Year
Registration Fee
(subject to change)
Renewing Therapy Animal Team w/ one animal $70
Community Partner Member $50
Senior aged 55 and over $50
Minor, under 18 years of age $50
Military or military dependent $50
Individual with a disability $50
Therapy Animal Team Additional Handler (animal already registered w/ another handler) $30 per handler
Therapy Animal Team Additional Animal (handler has active registration w/ another animal) $30 per animal