How to Build Startups from Scratch: Tips and Tricks

How to Build Startups from Scratch: Tips and Tricks

With consistency and perseverance, they reach where only a few manage to achieve. The journey from being nothing to being the talk of the town requires not only hard work, but also the smart work.

You have probably seen the articles which emphasize maintaining consistency in your branding. But what if you are starting from scratch? When you don’t have your branding set yet? Believe me, the latter is way more challenging than you think.

According to a survey report, almost 51% of the people who were asked “what’s the best way to learn about entrepreneurship” responded, “Start a company.” This is how effortlessly people think it is to start a company.

However, what seems to be a cakewalk from a distance, is actually a herculean task which you realize when you experience the struggle startuppers go through.

Building a successful startup is easier said than done. Many enthusiasts who get into a new business don’t know how to get their brand off the ground.

This article has been written to provide fundamental guidance to all the startuppers who want to learn the basic tips on building a brand from zero.

Follow Your Passion

What’s the first thing that you need to have for building your startup. A business plan? A lot of finance for the investment? Must be a killer marketing strategy?

Well not any of these, although all these are essentials that you will need later to build and grow a business. At the top of the list is your passion toward your startup!

You need to treat your startup as your child and believe me; it requires the same care and compassion that you would give to your kid as a parent.

Remember there will be ups and downs and in the worst scenarios, your passion will be the only factor that will grant you the determination to keep going.

Prepare an Outline

Let’s suppose you are going to organize an event? Can you proceed to the tasks without having a rough draft? Absolutely not. Similarly, you must first write down bullet points when you are going to build your startup from scratch.

Make a checklist which states:

  • what you need to do first
  • what resources you would want
  • which equipment you will require
  • how many web pages you need for your website
  • what vision you have for your logo design

Once you have prepared a rough draft, it will be easier for you to develop a roadmap.

It’s all in the Name

What’s in a name? Well, almost everything, as your name is your identity that people remember about you. A name is just a word beyond words, and it is always an important consideration before you start off with your startup’s tasks.

You might assume that getting a perfect name won’t be difficult. But the real challenge hits you like a brick when you struggle with the dearth of available domains.

As per the rules of SEO, you are not obligated to insert your keyword in your brand name. However, your brand name should be exciting. It should somehow indicate the nature of your business.

Find Reliable Investors

Raising money to launch your business is not child’s play. It is indeed an intricate and long process which you only realize when you get into it. It feels great when you see the first offer coming your way.

But be very cautious before you accept any of these. Make sure that the offer is coming from the right place and the financers are not going to cause any kind of trouble to your business.

Find the Best Mentors

If you really want to build a successful startup, you will need a mentor who can guide you at every step of the process. Find someone you think would be able to add value to your startup.

Startuppers often skip this step as they consider other aspects more significant than enlisting a mentor. However, having a mentor on board is the best decision that you could ever make for your startup.

Believe me, mentors are not always focused on charging for their assistance. You will find people who are glad to be asked who will guide you just for their own satisfaction.

Branding is the Key

Your startup brand needs a face, and you want the face to be as stunning as possible. Your branding plays a crucial role in building your identity. This is one of the aspects that cannot be overlooked at any cost, else you will have to pay the price for your negligence.

Hire a design expert who could provide you with a logo design that exceeds your expectations. And, of course, a responsive website based on your vision of your brand’s look and feel.

Prepare Your Marketing Plan of Action

Your sales and marketing efforts are crucial for your brand building. First things first, you need to establish a robust and result-oriented marketing strategy for your startup.

For this, you will have to conduct thorough research to determine your target audience and their needs.

Once you are done with the initial results, you will have various options to put your brand message across, e.g., traditional media, social media, digital marketing, and the list goes on.

Be Persistent Until You Succeed

The journey that you began with passion needs perseverance and determination to reap the desired results. Don’t be overly concerned about every small inconveniences you deal with.

Bear the fact in mind that your startup business requires time and it cannot achieve tremendous success overnight. Not every startup turns out to be successful in the first try.

Even if you fail in the first attempt, start over with a better and improved plan the next time. You must learn not to be overwhelmed by your failures. Instead, look for innovative ways to find the solution.

In fact, a great entrepreneur is the one who is an excellent problem solver. Therefore, the failure would be nothing but a lesson for you that will help you to unearth better ways to do things in the future.


Let’s face the music, there are no particular rules for your startup success. However, all the guidelines that are mentioned in this article can help you navigate the most convenient way to your destination.

Building a startup can be a bumpy ride. Don’t even expect it to be a flat road that takes you straight to success. There will be ups and downs, but if you know the guidelines, you can smoothly sail across with minor hindrances.

All the tips discussed here are useful, but I would suggest you never compromise on the first and the last one, i.e. the passion and the perseverance. These two don’t require any money or expertise. But when you have these, you keep your spirits up and defeat any hurdle that comes your way.

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