Tips For Having A Successful Online Dating Personals Experience


“Enjoy a successful online dating experience”

One of the best personals sites is, with close to 20,000 new users that register every day. Another online dating with a remarkable reputation is and it claims to be accounted for about 2% of all marriages in America. The figures are staggering. This means that more and more people are convinced that online dating is a great way to find your potential partner, and make a connection that perhaps will result into a long-term relationship.
A decade ago, the concept of online dating personal was quite shady, and anyone who would resort to Internet dating personals to find a great cocktail date is deemed to have issues such as unattractiveness, desperation and lack of social skills. They could not nail someone to date them, so there must a problem. At present, 1 out of 10 single men and women all over the world avail the services of online personals for finding love. The statistics are supporting the fact that people believe that they have a better and a bigger chance of finding their partners in Internet personals websites rather than in a bar.
The stigma associated with online dating 10 years ago is no longer present. In fact, even people above 50 are hooked to the online dating bandwagon. Personals online dating sites promise to find your perfect match, but the chance of a successful partnership still lies on your hand. So what are the secret ingredients? Patience, honesty and a carefully planned personals profile planted in best personals sites.

Whip up an Irresistible Profile


“Make an appealing dating profile”

The first thing that convinces potential dates to make a connection with you is your profile. A well-written, interesting and unique profile will definitely get friendly hellos. If your profile is suggestive and somewhat sensual, then expect that you will receive a ridiculous amount of amorous invitations. Let your profile speak about you and your interests, biographical information, hobbies, and a little bit of your personality. Just remember to leave our intimate details about yourself such as your workplace, personal email address, home address, and phone numbers. Your profile is your overall package. It is like walking into a bar dressed to kill and blazing with attitude. A profile is divided into four parts, namely username, photos, and description.
A Username That is Light in The Heart
Your profile includes your username and details about what you are looking for in a future partner. Choose a username that is light and friendly. Picking an esoteric username will make you look like a pretentious person. Also, a username that contains a jumble of letters and numbers look more of a code, rather than a username. Clever usernames are fine as long as it does not need require your potential dates to get a dictionary or an encyclopedia and decode it. Provocative usernames will get you the attention that you probably did not mean to have.
The Picture Tells All
Your picture is your best shot at getting someone’s attention so keep it happy, authentic and recent. In as much as you want to post an old photo of yourself 5 lbs lighter, don’t because if you do it will lead to a probability of getting reported. If you are not honest, it will come across your profile and your photos. Honestly, it is so easy these days to check if you are using a fake or a 5-yr old picture. So be smart and get real. The best personal sites like OkCupid and PlentyofFish suggest of photos that represent you, such as snapshots taken on a recent holiday and in the middle of a hobby like surfing. A headshot and a full body shot are highly recommended, whereas group photos are not. You have no business of dragging faces of your friends, family or acquaintances in your online dating personals profile. A guy surrounded with too many women and a girl encircled with friends and gallons of beer do not send a relatively good impression. If dates already have an idea of what you really look like, you will not come across problems that associate with your looks if he or she does not call after the meet-up.
Description Must Be Brief And Unique
Experts from the best personals sites recommend three to four paragraphs of description. The first paragraph contains information about you and things and activities you like to do. The second paragraph is about your unique personal quirks and pet peeves. The third paragraph relates of your life and its present status, which includes the movies you recently watched, the books you have just finished reading, and the places you visited lately. The last paragraph should answer the question “Why would you message him/her?” The biggest mistake of people when writing their description is the length. There is a danger in sharing so much information. Potential dates would either see you as a pretentious person, or a nut case who does not shut up. If anybody would want to read a novel, they would not be lurking in the best personals sites on the Internet. Keep your description sharp, short and specific. Oh, do not forget to proofread and spell-check your work before hitting the ‘Publish’ button.
Place an irresistible profile in the best personals sites and let us see how many cocktail invitations you will get before the end of the week.

Be Fun, Engaging and Consistent


“Keep the conversation light and have fun”

Spotted a guy who shares your interests in medieval architecture? Go send him a message but keep it polite and fun. If he seemed to be interested back, be consistent with your replies and do not put too much pressure to meet for cocktails. Casually mention that you have a vacant Friday night, and a dinner with him might be a fun thing to do. If he declines and suggests another day, do not make a big fuss about it and just reschedule. Nobody wants to deal with a drama queen who is pushy and controlling. People will not ruin their schedules just because you came into the picture. Be that cool chick that everybody dreams about. Consistency in communication is also a key ingredient. If it will take you a week before you can manage to write a reply, politely explain the reason, i.e. hectic work, crazy internet connection, and out of town duties.

Patience Is a Virtue


“Good things come to those who wait”

The best personals sites have given us plenty of stories of love and marriage blossomed from online connection, and those success stories are the very reason why thousands of people are signing up to these top online dating personals sites. Some of these are mentioned here These online dating personals sites are now in great demand, due to the increasing number of success stories revolving around them. You have to remember that those successful partnerships that resulted in marriage did not happen overnight. People endure years before they finally met ‘The One.’ A disastrous date here and there should not discourage you from dating again. Take it easy because online dating personals are meant to be bringing fun and color to your dating history. If your dinner with Mr. Air Force from Seattle ends up horribly, then just charge it to experience and remember those life lessons the next time you go out on a date.

The opportunity that Match, OkCupid, eHarmony and all those other best personals sites give is an enhanced and speedy option of finding love and romance. The whole experience should be fun, something you can tell your granddaughters when you turn 70.

How To Be More Spontaneous While Dating, Both Online And In Real Life


“Why so bored?”

There are two common reasons why people do not get spontaneous when it comes to dating: fear of going out of their comfort zone and the strong desire of making a positive impression. Spontaneity in dating can be in the way you relate with the person you are dating and the way you speak. People tend to be very careful of the image they leave on others that they hardly take the risk of being natural and coming out of their shell. There is no one without his or her own degree of shyness, of inhibition, of defenses. While you may want to feel strong, you also want to go cautiously, avoiding tripping recklessly and giving your innermost fears away. The inability to be spontaneous can actually come in the way where a beautiful relationship could develop. If you have been on dating service reviews, reading tips on how to be more pleasing and how to properly relate to the person you are dating, then you’ll find the tips below helpful.

Have You Ever Considered Looking at Your Personality More Closely?

People are not made the same. While some are very cool to talk with, naturally, and outgoing, some are timid, and reserved. If you do not usually take the lead, it will certainly be hard for you to be spontaneous when dating online or offline. However, you can learn to be more creative, stepping out of your comfort zone step by step. Once, you come out of your comfort zone, you can spread your wings and look into dating services. But, you must read the online dating service reviews first, in order to find the best services for dating. After reading the reviews you can easily differentiate between dating service scams and legit dating services. When everything is finally set up, you can let yourself loose. The journey may be hard, especially if you are an introverted, silent kind of person. You can start training yourself by doing things you never did before, like wearing dresses that are revealing or daring. Create a certain level of discomfort where you feel safer and protected. By so doing, you are opening your mind to confront your fears. Working on your personality is the best way to develop a spontaneous way of relating to dates. You’ll need to challenge your complex, the feeling that you have nothing very interesting to share. Even if you are dating the wittiest person on earth, you can still feel comfortable, contributing in conversations, and finding your place in his world. Relationships are about tuning the heart to receive the melody that flows from another heart.

Dating Is about Being Yourself


“Try to be yourself and relax”

When it comes to physical dating, people want to look great, they get out their most sexy dresses, they get the most beautiful coiffure, and they spray their most-scented perfume. These are things that come to mind naturally, because people want to look and feel good, they want to make the person they are dating that they are smart. This can be something great, but there is something negative about it. As much as it is advisable to look great, it can also be helpful not going into exaggerations. You’ll be in your most comfortable space if you meet the person you are dating wearing the clothes you’d wear going to church on a Sunday. Do not let the person feel that you’re out to impress him or her; you’ll be embarrassing yourself more. He or she will know that you’re acting when you can’t dress up that way in your subsequent dates. Having a dinner date after work and still on your work clothes is not lack of respect. On the contrary it can help you feel at ease with yourself. You’ll be more spontaneous if you feel very comfortable in what you wear.

Besides physical appearance, people want to impress others with beauty, witty talks. They want to make others feel that they are important, that they have a great job, and that they’re self assured and confident. This could be a mistake, a very grave one. If you’re looking forward to a beautiful relationship, there is no need trying to force something that is not there. In the long run, the person will understand who you really are. You’ll feel more relaxed and confident sharing things you know, rather than talking merely to impress the person. If you focus on the date and the person, you’ll come out naturally, but if you’re so engrossed about the impression you make, then you’ll be sailing away from your main objective, forcing communication, and trying to relate to what isn’t there.

Observe, Use Your Environment to Communicate


“Let the world around you, present you with funny moments”


Those who pay attention to the world around them have a lot to communicate. Before you go on your date, forget all you’ve read about dating service reviews; forget what you want to tell the person. Learn to discover. By discovering, you’ll be thrilled at beautiful simple things can be. Observe, and get out of your comfort room, to point out that the waiter is cute and attentive. You can comment on the place, the people around you. If you observe, you’ll find lots of funny things to make the person you’re dating laugh. Great communicators are those with the capacity to see things around them, not those trying to see themselves through things. If you do not feel natural when it comes to communication, then you should understand that listening can be about one of the beautiful things on a date. By listening, you discover the interests of the one you’re dating, and you can share your thoughts naturally. Let listening is the inspiration for your language. Your date will even be better especially if he or she is someone who needs a good listener.

Practice Being Yourself and Take the Risk


“Take a leap of faith”


Being yourself cannot be easy especially when you are meeting someone for the first time. The natural feeling is that of putting up defensive walls. In today’s world where nothing is certain, you do not want to take risks. You want everything to come out perfect. You do not want the person to know that you are not familiar with the subject he wants to talk about. Listen: no one knows enough. Listen again: everyone knows a lot to have something to share. You can use the online dating as the best place to practice being yourself. Many people feel less intimidated, and less inhibited when they chat or use virtual tools to communicate. You won’t see the reaction on the person’s face, and you won’t risk a slap on your face. Use online dating to say things you cannot say physically. When you think that you haven’t handled your first date properly, go over it and think about things you’d have said which you didn’t say because of your fear. Say them looking at the mirror. Would you say those things were you not afraid? Make up your mind to tell the person those things the next time you meet.

Getting natural and spontaneous on dating is something that doesn’t come easy. Understanding that relationships are about growing together is important, and this thought should help you take it easy. You do not need to be someone else to impress the person you like. All you need is to feel confident about yourself, and come out with your true self. You’ll learn a lot as you continue dating. Do not get frustrated if you are jittery at your first date. If you tune yourself with your environment and with the person you’re dating, you’ll discover courage and naturalness that you won’t find going through dating service reviews.

3 Best Books I Read Last Year That Helped With My Relationship

Almost all of my past relationships didn’t end so well. Every time I would start thinking I’ve already found the one, something almost always goes wrong—as if on queue… as if the stupid cupid is mocking me. There’s always something worth sharing about my experiences with my past flames. Some are good, but the bad ones are just too bad to even utter I would rather forget about them. I got too tired of figuring out what kept going wrong. Was it me? Was it them? What was I lacking? It came to a point that thinking of the answers got too tough they almost gave me a headache.

This was why I started reading books to help me gain a new perspective on what happy and meaningful relationships should be like. I started reading last year and since then, I was hooked. So here you go folks, the top three no-nonsense relationship books I highly recommend:

How to Be an Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving

By: David Richo

Love is not so much a feeling as a way of being present said by David Richo.

Love is not so much a feeling as a way of being present said by David Richo.

This book is all about learning the 5 A’s to heart: Attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection, and the act of allowing love and life to be what they should be. You will learn about all the aspects of paying attention: Listening, observing, and learning from everything that’s going on in the relationship—and using it to strengthen the bond you share with your partner. There is no need to be mean and controlling to get your point across, which was why I learned that fear and judgement have no place in a deep and meaningful relationship. Sometimes I feel like I’m reading about my life and even cried a few times because it was just too blatant, too painful. I learned so much from it.

Why Can’t You Read My Mind? Overcoming the 9 Toxic Thought Patterns that Get in the Way of a Loving Relationship

By: Jeffrey Bernstein

Helps you to work smarter in relationship

Helps you to work smarter in relationship

This book talks about the importance of how you see your partner, and how problems can often lead to distrust and poor communication. It discusses the nine toxic thought patterns that cultivate negativity and distorted emotions. How it can kill love and bring an end to every relationship. Once you read the book you will realize how simple everything is. It really does take two to tango, and more often than not, we contribute to, or make problems heavier than they already are. It became easier for me to accept my mistakes, and admit that I am selfish. I love how it gives you lots of different ways to improve on yourself and your relationship. Very profound.

Couple Skills: Making Your Relationship Work

By: Matthew McKay PhD

Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you can allow your think tank to slip. On the contrary, being in love should make you smarter with the decisions you’re making, allow you to think clearly on what’s best for you and your partner, so your relationship will run smooth and healthy. This was what I learned about this book, and so far it has been a great eye opener for me in so many ways. It teaches you how to learn to accept your partner’s emotions and your own without guilt and judgment. Definitely a good buy!

If you find yourself in a rut, or are having a hard time getting over a person, consider reading these books. You’ll end up feeling lighter, happier, and more ready to face the challenges with your partner.

Technology Just Went A Beat Higher In 2013: Check Out These Bluetooth Speakers!

So unless you live in Mars, everybody knows about the new range of Bluetooth speakers. Designed to give you the highest quality sound coupled with hassle-free wireless connections, Bluetooth speakers are fast becoming the best option in terms of convenience and powerful sound delivery. Heck, they are the new unicorns!

When buying these wirelesses speakers, a few factors should always be considered:


You want to know what features your wireless speakers have so as to experience them optimally. Look out for extra slots for your other devices e.g. iPhones (for connecting music on your phone to the speaker), iPods and phone charging facilities. Technology has made it possible for the Bluetooth speakers to perform other functions as opposed to acting as speakers only. The more features your wireless speakers have, the better for you.

SuperTooth Disco

SuperTooth Disco


All good speakers should have excellent sound quality and so should your wireless speakers. Look out for a good balance of the frequency levels and ensure that the sound coming out of the speakers is pleasant. Consider the surround system and the ability to adjust to different surround levels for different experiences of sound. Avoid paying too much attention on the appearance of the speakers over the performance since this may cost you the most important quality which is the sound value.

After sales service/customer support

Like all things electronic, look out for a supplier who offers good customer service should something happen to your Bluetooth speaker. Ensure the speakers come with some form of guarantee/warranty that will enable you to return the speakers should anything go wrong.

There you have it; you are now ready to buy your wireless speakers. Which are the best? Look out for the following 3 best sellers in the year 2013;

a) Jawbone Jambox

The first look at this tiny speaker may have you doubting until you plug it in and the sound immediately throws you off! Confirming the saying that good things do indeed come in small packages, the Jawbone Jambox is the music lover’s answer to all sound problems. With its colorful looks highly appealing to the youth, this speaker is powerful and at the same time allows you to pair your mobile device via Bluetooth. It has a battery life of almost 10 hours once fully charged and is the best solution for a compressed powerful sound.

b) Logitech Bluetooth wireless speaker

Logitech Mini Boombox

Logitech Mini Boombox

Combining four drivers that enable it to deliver quality sound and a sleek design, the Logitech wireless speaker is ideal for that stylish individual but with a low budget. This is because it costs almost half than the Jawbone Jambox but is still able to deliver on the sound. It is just as compact and can transform into a phone speaker thus enabling you to have sound clarity during those telephone conferences. The Logitech wireless speaker is also available in different colors for those thinking of getting matching his/hers gifts. The battery life is also impressive and should thus form a cheaper option of quality speakers.

c) Beats by Dre beat box pill (monster)

Popularized by one of hip hop’s great Dr. Dre, the beats by Dre Bluetooth speakers are one of the fastest selling wireless speakers in the year 2013. This should not come as a surprise because it’s expected that a hip hop artiste understands the value of good sound, right? Well, these speakers are ideal and powerful offering a 30ft range sound frequency and delivering on the aesthetics as well. In addition, it works perfectly as a phone as you can make/receive calls, on speaker and even Skype your friends! This speaker does not disappoint in any front.

So there you have it folks, your top Bluetooth speakers for 2013.Turn the beat up!

How To Get Your Spouse To Exercise

Exercise is one of the keys to a healthy life. Muscles and joints need to be used in order to get them to shape. As the saying goes, “If you don’t use them, you lose them.” The lack of exercise, among others, will rob off life of you sooner than later. Of course people die of other means but if those other means did not happen, your life will extend a bit more with enough exercise. You probably know that already that is why you want to get your spouse to exercise so that you will grow old together. Or, you know you need it too, but you want to include your spouse to do the same.

Before anything else…

  1. Adapt a healthy diet. One reason why people fail to exercise is because there is not enough stamina to do it. The body needs nutrition to get going. Fastfood meals are fast-dying diet lifestyle. The reason people are fat is because of hunger—they are hungry for the right nutrition. Focus on fruits and vegetables, preferably raw or half-cooked. Go for whole wheat and unpolished rice instead of white bread or white rice. Avoid processed foods. Go for organic and free-range meat. They can be a bit expensive but you get what you pay for. It turns out that the cheap foods are more expensive because the nutritional value is way low. Go with the healthy diet together, or with the whole family. After all, you want everyone in your family to live longer.

  2. Get enough sleep. You lose too much with lack of sleep. The body needs 7-9 hours of sleep to function at its best the next day, physically, mentally, emotionally. You lessen the chance of getting a stroke, heart disease or even cancer, with habitual quality and quantity of sleep. Set a “lights off” schedule at 9pm. Let go of the tv, computer games, movies that can only entertain you for the moment. Sleep early, wake up early. If you need to do some paperwork, do it early in the morning when you are refreshed.

Now that the base is covered…

Healthy food gives healthy body

Healthy food gives healthy body

  1. Give your spouse a reason to want to live longer. People need to know they are needed otherwise life has no purpose. Show that you need her. Tell that you need him. Women need to feel they are needed, men needs to be told they are needed.

  2. Find the appealing exercise. There are people who would rather exercise in the gym, with complete equipment. Others would rather stay at home with a video and a couple of dumb bells. Still, others like strenuous activities like sports, brisk walking, dancing or mini-hiking may do the trick better than a gym or video workout.

  3. Do not overdo it. Sometimes the first time it is done, there is the tendency to overdo it to get to the end result faster. Overdoing it will only drain the body and the enthusiasm for the next schedule instead of getting to look forward to it. Start light and increase as time goes on. Change routines to avoid boredom and to shock the muscles adapting to old routines.

  4. Reward your spouse for achievements. Anyone loves rewards especially if they come from the people they love. Rewards make one look forward to the next one.

  5. Give her/him a “pat on the back.” Show her how you love that she is improving. Tell him that he is.

Exercising With Your Spouse

Exercising With Your Spouse


healthy diet

The Best 3 Self-Help Books I’ve Read This Last Year

For the numerous times that we’ve struggled and for those times that we have failed our promises to ourselves , self-help books have provided inspiration and guide for our personal problems. Self-help books are useful to read especially when you are coping with difficult times. Self-help books can also help readers become aware of their personalities thus helping them reach their potential. Although self-help books may not be the cure-for-all, it can still help readers build strength, embrace their uniqueness, master their skills and boost their capabilities. Self-help books are top selling book categories that many people are using as therapy and I, too, have read self-help books to help me tackle my life and I’ve also used it to help my friends and families.

Here are the best 3 self-help books that I’ve read this last year:

1. Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles

Author: Gabriel Bernstein

Summary: How does a New York City publicist and party girl become the GPS guide for the future generation? In this book, Gabrielle Bernstein intends to share her life to the readers and she also shares to readers the teachings from “A Course in Miracles”. In 2005, she was a student of A Course in Miracles and ever since then she has been guiding these spirit principles to the next generation.

Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles

Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles

Review: This book is an important manual for overcoming fears and choosing love. Bernstein tells how it’s like to be a woman in your 20s and you’re trying to find meaning in this tough world. She shares to her readers the lessons she has learned and how she was able to overcome her struggles and find her way to joy and love. This book comes with an inspiring and deep message to choose love. It’s a must read!

2. Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead

Author: Brene Brown

Brene Brown is the author of this book

Brene Brown is the author of this book

Summary: Dr. Brene Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston. She is an expert on studies about vulnerability, courage, authenticity and shame. In this book, she explores and answers questions about vulnerability. Dr. Brown tells us that being vulnerable doesn’t mean that we are weak. Vulnerability determines the depth of our courage. It provides clarity of our purpose. In our relationships, she dares us to show up and to let ourselves be recognized. Vulnerability means daring greatly.

Review: The book gives advice on handling life’s negotiations. We must learn to appreciate joy, define success and applaud our sincere attempts to overcome difficulties. Dr. Brown tells us that we need to be loved and that we have to develop the sense of belongingness. She tells readers to embrace vulnerability and that in overcoming shame we can dare greatly.

3.Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon a Project, Read Samuel Johnson, and My Other Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life

Author: Gretchen Robin

Summary: What does happiness means and how do we find it? In this book, Gretchen Rubin goes deeper onto the factors that affect our happiness -possessions, relationships, time and parenthood. How can she treasure her possessions? Was it really time to replace an old toaster? What is home for her? This book reveals how the author was able to discover her own path to happiness and she shares this to her readers.

Review: This book is indeed a guide for people who are seeking happiness. The author seeks to help readers how to understand oneself, what makes us tick, what our wants are and how we can get our wants through personal responsibility. Gretchen Rubin doesn’t really dictate readers to follow her path to happiness but it tells readers to create our own happiness that is patterned after our own life.

What’s Considered A Good Credit Score?

It is difficult to pin-point a number that’s considered a good credit score. This number will vary for different conditions. For instance, if your intention is to take a loan for a new house, you would need a slightly higher credit score than what you’d consider a good credit score for daily normal activities. While this number can be rounded up to an average, it should be noted that it is not an absolute number.

The need to maintain a good credit score need not be mentioned. In an economy where money is generated by credit alone, having a low credit score can have serious consequences.

Maintain a good credit score

Maintain a good credit score

That being said, different lenders use different scoring systems and different scales. But the common element in all of these is that maintaining a good credit score from the credit reporting agencies will almost always ensure a good score with one’s lender.

Most credit scores normally range from 600 to 750. While a score of 695 may be considered a safe bet, maintaining a credit score of 700 or above would be considered good. To get the best interest rates in your loads or mortgages, you will need to go from a good score to a great score – normally 730 or higher.

To get best interest rates go from a good score to a great score

To get best interest rates go from a good score to a great score

Factors That Affect Credit Score

There are a number of factors that can cause the rise and fall of your credit score. These are usually elements in your credit report. Let’s take a look:

  1. The number of late payments on your credit report and the amounts of credit for such.

  2. The type of account you own, the number of accounts you take credit on.

  3. The total amount of debt you’ve had over the years.

  4. You financial information on public records.

Unlike most people think, credit scores are not affected by your gender, race, location, age or occupation. A good credit score is determined by credit profiles and various associated variables taken over the years, payment history, etc.

How To Raise Your Credit Score

If you have a credit score less than 700, there is a need to raise your score. In order to do this, you might want to consider the following steps:

  1. Pay your credit on time. Late payments are one of the biggest factors that cause bad credit score.

  2. If you don’t have a credit card, get one. Having one or two credit cards can really improve your credit scores, unlike the popular belief that one has to maintain a certain minimum balance for scoring good numbers.

  3. Go for installment loans. Paying your monthly installments and revolving credit card charges regularly can go a long way in raising your credit score.

  4. While maintaining a certain balance may not have an impact on your score, racking up huge amounts of credit card charges, even if you regularly make full payment in time, will hurt your credit score. Use your cards as lightly as possible.

The above and many other factors help improve credit scores. But there’s a fundamental aspect to all of this: the lesser the amount of credit you accumulate, no matter how regularly you pay up, the higher your credit score will be.